Dog Sled Rides in Northern Lower Michigan

We need your help.  We would like to continue to share the wonderful sport and adventures of Dog Sledding, but we need help.    Over the last two years, we have felt the burden of the pandemic and high costs of care for the dogs.  The inflation on dog food is devastating.  Until we can rebuild the kennel and the puppies are strong enough to pull, we are closing the tours.
Thank you all for the last 16 years of amazing Adventures.  We face largest challenge of the Kennels existence.  If you have a few minutes, please pray for the dogs and for us.  If you would like to help supply food and bedding for the dogs, please use the Donate button below, every bit helps more than you can imagine.  


Thank you.


We are open to book Kennel Tours. Go to the Schedule a Kennel Tour page if you would like to come for a Kennel Tour and see all the dogs, the dog sleds, and learn all about the wonderful world of Dog Sledding.  It is a $75  Donation for the hour and that includes the whole family or friends.  There are no rides with the tour, but it is a great time learning and playing with the dogs, and sometimes puppies if it is the right time.  Come out and learn everything about Dog Sledding. 

Winter 2021-2022:  If available when you are here, the Full Adventures are booked, but for $15 you can add a One Dog Children’s Ride as part of the tour.  This is where your Adventurous child gets to drive their own one dog team for about 100 yards.  It it an exciting adventure for children ages 6-12.  

 Link to Fun Video highlighting a Tour.

Over 7 People, it is just $10/person extra. 

The kennel tours do not include rides except if you want to add a One Dog Children’s Ride.  You may have an opportunity to see the Mushers train the teams if you are here on one of those days.  Reminder: due to Covid, there are no Restrooms on site. There are gas stations and fast food restaurants near by if you need.

“Best time my kids have had all year.”  – Bob from Indiana

“We loved the tour.  The dogs we so cute and we got to pet every one of them.  We even got to play on the sleds.”   – Sidney from Chicago

“Tim showed us everything we’ve always wanted to know about dogsledding and made the adventure something we will remember forever.  My daughters absolutely loved it. We can’t wait to come back”   – The Roberts Family

“If you are able to visit the kennel, it is a must do to appreciate Michigan, USA.  We loved the visit and all the dog kisses.”   – Hanna from German

“The Summer Tour was great! My children learned so much and we weren’t cold… :)” – Ruth from Chicago

The Below is Booked for the Year already. 

Because of the Wait List in the 2021 Winter, this winter is booked already from Dec 2021-March 2022. 

You can add your name to the waiting list by clicking on the Contact Page and in the Subject put “Add to Wait List.”

Only Kennel Tours and Kiddy 1 Dog Mushing Adventures are still available! 


We are booked for the year and do not have any opening left. 

Stay warm and we’ll see you on the trails next year!

for 2 to 4 people (Due to changes in our kennel, this is all we are offering this year).

Learn to mush on your own! Be a Musher for the Day!!!!

You will be a Certified Musher at the end of the day!  

Enjoy more time on the trail with Tim, Gina & their four-legged athletes… You’ll spend time visiting the kennel where you’ll learn to harness, all about the sleds, how to hook up dogs, and which dog positions to put the dogs.  After that, you will get to drive with a trainer on a special touring double sled that allows guests to stand and driveThen, you’ll get your own team and enjoy driving your own dog sled team for two rides on the beautiful and adventurous trails. 

All rides start at 10:30am and usually finish around 2:00pm.  Lunch is served around the campfire between rides. 

We are the only Guide Service in Northern Lower Michigan that allows the musher to drive the sled.   We are located in the Snow Belt of Lower Michigan, in Cadillac.  The rides are about 3 miles long, and you will travel with a guide behind you to coach you through the ride.  You will have an experience you won’t forget!

Each musher will get one guided ride and then they will Drive their own sled 2 more times.  If there are 4 people, then each person will get a half guided ride, at the beginning and only get to take their own sled once.  This is only for those that are physically fit and want the adventure of a lifetime! 

You will be driving a traditional authentic dog sled with 2, 3, 4, or 6 dogs, depending on snow conditions!

Price:  $350 per person ($350 each or $700) and we only take 2-4 people a day.    If only 1 Person $600 .  This works best for a couple, or two friends or 2 family members.  If you are a family of 4, we can mix and match and give half rides and then each person can take 1 dog sled team by themselves.  You need to be over 14 years old, and be a competent and physically fit, person.  We can offer a 1 dog team for a younger child.


2 Adults:  $700 for 2 guided rides and 4 unguided rides.  Each adult will get 1 guided ride and 2 unguided rides plus lunch.

4 Adults: $700 for 2 guided rides (Half ride for each adult).  Each adult also gets 1 unguided ride for 3 miles.

Please realize, we will be out in the cold for up to 3 hours, so having young children will be difficult.  Guests MUST be physically fit.   We are happy to adjust to help your party have an optimal experience.

Please see FAQ page for specifics and restrictions, including fitness levels.

Reservation Donation/Deposit to book an Adventure: In order to book a ride with Shemhadar, there is a $250 Non Refundable Donation/Deposit to the Kennel.  Do not make the deposit until instructed when you’ve made your reservation by phone. There is a great deal of time and effort in order to coordinate all the rides and reservations, and a year-round expense to feed and look after the dogs.  If for some reason you cancel, this will help the kennel with dog food and expenses.  If we cancel due to weather or unforeseen issues they you will receive $150 Donation/Deposit back.  $100 will stay with the kennel to help support the dogs.

tim at sleddogpodcast com