Welcome to The World of Dog Sledding

Dogsledding is the Ultimate in Animal-Human Adventure. It’s a time of beauty, amazement, and shear excitement as you bond with the dogs and see a winter wonderland from the back of a dog sled. Old or young, male or female, you will learn the tricks of the trade, and “Mush” your way into amazing new memories of a snowy dog sled experience.

As you arrive at Shemhadar Kennels, you will be greeted by the Dewey family. A family focused on hospitality, the love of dogs and the desire to share this sport with other families looking for adventure. After you change into your winter clothing, you will be greeted by 20+ Huskies that are jumping for joy to see you.

First, you’ll learn about the dogs, then you’ll move on to learning about the Dog Sleds, Harnesses, Gang Lines, and dog order.  It is a time of intrigue, wonder and just plain fun.

The big moment starts with 8 to 10 huskies being hooked up to the sled your on.  As they jump and bark at the top of their lungs indicating they want to go, you will feel your adrenalin pumping and your fingers gripped to the handlebars of the sled.

With a lift of the snow hook and the musher giving the command to “Hike”, you will feel the sled move with a jump and you’ll be on your way down the trail.  Over hills, through snowy fields, and tranquil woods, the trip will be 3 miles of excitement and exhilaration.